Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dedicated to all the children in world, especially those who still don't have access to books

It has been already a month since I interviewed Katia Novet Saint Lot on her Amadi's Snowman , recently on virtual tour, is going to be the main character of a whole afternoon dedicated to all the children in the world, especially those who still don't have access to books.
During the "Afternoon with Amadi" , Amadi and Mama Katia together with Mama Dimitrea and her beautiful drawings.... will take the children directly to Nigeria, exploring through a hand made Tree Book all the main curiosities about this country and its culture.
The afternoon will be divided in three different moments:

Reading of Amadi's Snowman/Exploring Amadi's world
Discussion about reading and the right of sharing knowledge
Drawing and Writing to remember the experience

The best venue we could find is a Bookstore.Yes we'll be surrounded by books ad what a lovely place to talk about reading and books....! Thank's to Giunti al Punto Bookstore who wanted to guest this event.
The meeting is included in the campaign "Un libro per un bambino / One book for one child promoted by Kabiliana, to share awareness about children who don't have access to books and education.

W H E R E & W H E N ?

GIOVEDI' /THURSDAY 11 Dicembre 2008
Lerici - Via Roma 49
16.30- 19.00

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