Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kabiliana on School Library Journal

A fantastic news welcomed me this morning, our project is on THE SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, and this thanks to the fantastic and super active Amy Bodden Bowllan who plays an important role in building libraries for low-income families. Currently holding the position of Director of Diversity, Amy teaches Broadcast Journalism and Technology classes at The Hewitt School in NYC/USA. Will soon read about her here.
Thank you Amy, you did a wonderful work!


Phillippa said...

dear Valentina

I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me! I am going to give a reading and writing workshop at my son's school, on 31 October. I'll let you know how it went!

Valentina Acava Mmaka said...

Dear Philippa, then you are a supporter and I love it because when you join a cause it's important that the community enlarges. Thank you and please do let me know about your workshop. Try also if you can to report with photos,if things are going on and you achieve the first step of your cause for your children's school, we can forward on Kabiliana as well, so to be inspirations of many others.
Best wishes and good luck for the 31st. Valentina

Katia said...

Brava, Valentina ! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Valentina!

Thank you for your kind words and praise. YOUR stor needs to be told, since your work is quite noble. I too am inspired by your efforts.
On a side note, my work with libraries in lower income parochial schools has been quite rewarding. However, it's no where near the level of your work.

Amy Bowllan
Bowllan's Blog

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